Re: CB Obs April 8, 2014: Photographic

From: Greg Roberts <>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2014 23:13:17 +0200
Hi Cees

I note your problem with Mercury 2 - 23855/96026A.    I see the elements in 
Classified.tle are for epoch
14080 - I actually observed it, and a great many other high altitude satellites 
on the 30th March which, if
my arithmetic is correct is epoch around 14089 - for some reason - maybe because 
Mike is too busy at the
moment, the observations made on 30th March by me appear to have not yet been 

I observed again on the 5th April - but it does not appear that I included 
Mercury 2 - Im having a bit of a job
identifying all the high altitude satellites seen as I used the wide field 
camera ( 12 x 9 degrees) and sometimes
had as many as 20 or more high altitude satellites in the field. Hopefully Ill 
be able to report these objects
tomorrow - looks like maybe one or two high altitude bright objects at around 
mag +9. All in all I had something
like 180 objects to positively identify - thats why its taking so long!

Looking at my records for 30 March I have a note that Mercury 2 was about 2 
degrees off course.

Hope this helps

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