SUPER COOL sighting in Cincinnati 4/8/2014

From: John Blakeney via Seesat-l <>
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2014 12:32:24 -0400

Not too sure if I am posting something correctly or if what I am posting is
even "allowed."  Brand new to the site...

Anyway, last night, sitting in my hot tub, looking west, I saw the most
amazing thing that I have ever seen.  Here are the notes that I jotted down
after I saw it.

Lasted maybe only 7 seconds....
Western sky
Tumbling (I say that because while it was bright MOST of the time, it
dimmed "off and on" about 5-6-7 times)
Brightest moving thing I ever saw.  MUCH faster than any satellite that I
have seen, but MUCH slower than any meteor
Thought it was a great meteor but then dimmed then got bright again, 5-6-7
times before disappearing
Around 11 pm EST

I could post the "star" coordinates at a later time if someone really wants
to know...
Best I can say now is that it was 10-15 degrees "west" of the Moon...and
traveling in a Northerly direction.


John A. Blakeney, Jr.
6456 Craigland Court
Cincinnati, OH 45230
513-374-2771 c

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