RE: SUPER COOL sighting in Cincinnati 4/8/2014

From: Ted Molczan via Seesat-l <>
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2014 13:04:00 -0400
John Blakeney wrote:

> Not too sure if I am posting something correctly or if what I am posting is even "allowed."

Identifying suspected satellites is one of the things we enjoy on SeeSat-L.

> Brand new to the site...


> Anyway, last night, sitting in my hot tub, looking west, I saw the most amazing thing that I
> have ever seen.  Here are the notes that I jotted down after I saw it.
> Lasted maybe only 7 seconds....
> Western sky
> Tumbling (I say that because while it was bright MOST of the time, it dimmed "off and on"
> about 5-6-7 times)
> Brightest moving thing I ever saw.  MUCH faster than any satellite that I have seen, but MUCH
> slower than any meteor
> Thought it was a great meteor but then dimmed then got bright again, 5-6-7 times before
> disappearing
> Around 11 pm EST
> I could post the "star" coordinates at a later time if someone really wants to know...
> Best I can say now is that it was 10-15 degrees "west" of the Moon...and traveling in a
> Northerly direction.

Star coordinates provide the most reliable basis to identify objects, so always are desired. You might be able to spot
your object using Heavens-Above. Go to the following page, set the date to Apr 8 (it defaults to the 9th) and set the
minimum brightness to the faintest available, mag 5.0; I know what you saw was bright, but even small, normally faint
objects can flare brilliantly, so the fainter the better here.

Each entry in the table produced by this page includes a link to a star chart showing the path of the object. Fengyun 3A
(08026A / 32958) and Spot 4 (98017A / 25260) may be candidates that could match your sighting. I do not know whether
they have been previously observed to behave as you observed.

Ted Molczan

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