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Date: 9 Apr 2014 10:15:03 -0700
Note that this solution to the DMARC problem may have one downside. You're setting the "Reply To:" address to the original author's email, while the "From:" address is the SeeSat-L posting address. This can have a BIG impact on a small group like this one. Most email software today is set to use the "Reply To:" as the automatic address filled in when a user hits "Reply", which is very reasonable. But this means that SeeSat-L members who aren't paying very close attention will end up sending replies as private emails when they intend them to go out to the whole group. This can easily go completely un-noticed --I've seen it many times-- and can severely impact group conversations, converting more than half of all discussions into private interactions. AND it is a CHANGE in the way that SeeSat-L functions. I suspect that this change is unintentional. At minimum SeeSat-L members should be made aware that a simple reply may no longer be a reply to the group (in most email software). Ted, if it's a preference or option in the mailing list software you're using, you may want to set the "Reply To:" to the group address instead. For members who want the original sender's email address, that can still be found in the raw email header by searching for the second instance of "envelope-from".

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