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Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2014 14:56:35 -0400
On 4/9/2014 2:31 PM, Ted Molczan via Seesat-l wrote:
> Frank Reed wrote:
>> At minimum SeeSat-L members should be made aware
>> that a simple reply may no longer be a reply to the group (in most email software
> To my knowledge, hitting reply has always resulted in a reply to the sender,
> not the list. I base that on a quick inspection of SeeSat-L messages I have
> in my personal mail database dating back to September 1995.

FWIW: i use thunderbird for all of my email activity and i have all lists/groups 
that i participate in sent to me as emails... in thunderbird, the main button of 
choice when making replies is [REPLY LIST] which, previous to and now after the 
change, sends posts to the list address... there is also a [REPLY] button which 
addresses the reply to the sender and an additional [REPLY ALL] option which 
will address the reply to both the list and the sender as well as any others who 
were addressed...

the main things i see now are the addition of the reply-to address and the 
change in the sender's name to include "via list-name"... over all, though, the 
functionality of my options for replying are no different than they were before...

on some lists, i specifically have to hunt down the original poster's address to 
address a private reply to them while on others, i have to hunt down the list's 
address to post a public reply to a post... both of those formats are irritating 
to say the least...

as for filtering, i don't see a problem as the poster's name is still in the 
from field... it just also includes "via seasat-l"... some few have come in with 
no name and only "via seesat-l" which might be because their post doesn't have a 
name listed with the email address

   eg: waldo kitty <>

the first would show as "waldo kitty via seesat-l"
the second would show as "via seesat-l"

that's my/the working theory based on my interactions with various lists over 
the last decade or two...

> I can think of pros and cons to either approach, but since we have lived with
> the present arrangement for a couple of decades, with nary a mention until
> now, I suspect it's not something we need to deal with, but I am open to
> further arguments.

personally speaking, i don't have a problem with it...

sadly, though, the change/upgrade has not resulted in me receiving my posts back 
from the list as my settings are configured for... but, with this change, i will 
go check them again to be sure... i still have no explanation as to why it 
suddenly changed... one day it was working and the next time i posted, it wasn't...

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