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From: Ted Molczan via Seesat-l <>
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2014 15:10:34 -0400
Marco Langbroek wrote:

> ... all mails in the Seesat inbox are now identified as from "Seesat-L"
> (or whatever name associated with the Seesat-L mailing address in your
> addressbook). You can no longer instantly see who the sender is.
> You need to open the mail to see who the actual author is.
> I use to give more priority to reading certain authors over others. Now I no
> longer have a handle to do so (apart from the subject). And I can no longer
> filter on author in my inbox for example if I want to quickly sort out all
> e-mails by (for example) Ted of the past few days.
> I find that somewhat annoying.

The root of the annoyance is that Mailman now appends to the sender's name " via Seesat-l". In the mail client I use, in
the "From" column, instead of "Marco Langbroek" I see "Marco Langbroek" via Seesat-l". I can still see the sender's
name, but the appended string is annoying, and at least initially, slows my recognition of names. I suspect that I will
quickly adjust, but I prefer the previous arrangement.

It does not prevent me from filtering, but causal sorting is a bit messier. When I sort by the From column, the "Marco
Langbroek" via Seesat-l" messages do not follow the "Marco Langbroek" ones chronologically. However, I have similar
problems with many subscribers, due their change of ID over the years, and sometimes use of multiple IDs. So, the latest
changes are more of the same messiness I am used to, and, for the most part, resigned to.

I can make no promises, but our ISP is still looking into other possible solutions or tweaks to the present
configuration. I doubt anything will come of it quickly, but who knows? Yahoo's implementation of DMARC must have messed
things up for many others in our situation, which could inspire more effort to find neater solutions.

Ted Molczan

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