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Date: 9 Apr 2014 12:29:48 -0700
Ted Molczan, you wrote:
" hitting reply has always resulted in a reply to the sender, not the list."

Yes, you're quite correct. It appears I had an email setting of my own to force the group address in replies for my own convenience --and quite forgot about it! So I APOLOGIZE for raising that issue. The current system is actually an improvement since the group address is in the "From" and the individual's address is in the "Reply To".

Marco, you wrote:
"In addition, all mails in the Seesat inbox are now identified as from "Seesat-L" (or whatever name associated with the Seesat-L mailing address in your
addressbook). You can no longer instantly see who the sender is.
You need to open the mail to see who the actual author is."

A couple of thoughts:
First, something along these lines is an inevitable result of advancing efforts to abolish the old system of email "From" address "spoofing". Here's some background:

Second, there are changes that can be made on the user end. For example, you say that you can't see the sender's name right now, only "seesat-l". But this suggests that you're using older email reading software or it has been configured in a particular way. Your email software SHOULD be able to see and display both the sender's "common, readable name" and the email address. If it can't, it's time to upgrade. But there's a good chance that it can do so by adjusting a setting. 


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