Re: Photo and video of Dragon, ISS, 2014-022C Dragon debris

From: Leo Barhorst via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2014 17:07:21 +0200

SpaceTrack has 22B-F as TBA; this wil be the 5 Cubesats
G and H are Debris and most likely the 2 solar panel covers.
See the photo Cees made friday.

The dispensers remained attached to the 2nd stage, that was de-orbited into 
the Pacific Ocean.


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Subject: Photo and video of Dragon, ISS, 2014-022C Dragon debris

Hi all

Yesterday in late twilight near 20:07 UT I observed the Dragon CRS-3 chasing 
ISS by about one minute, and also a 3rd object related to the Dragon launch,
2013-022C/39682, a few minutes earlier. The Dragon was well visible at about
mag. +1.5 at a max elevation of 26 degrees.

The latter passed some 3-4 minutes in front of ISS and Dragon and was slowly
alternating between mag +3.5 and invisibility.

Images and a video can be seen here:

Any thoughts on what 2014-022C is? The Dragon nose cone? One of the solar 
covers? One of the nanosat dispensers?

- Marco

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