Re: Sending the data of a unknown satellite

From: Vladislav Gooba via Seesat-l <>
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 2015 16:33:37 +0300
Hello and welcome. It's known that you can't identify satellites using H-A. I personally using Heavensat for this. As the site don't work now, one good man from uploaded the latest version (v2.4.8) of it in Dropbox:
Just unzip it where you want and run heavensat.exe. Go to settings and adjust your coordinates and time zone. Then go to Satellites -> Satellites bases -> Operations -> Load from internet and load all bases what you can. Version in the link is already have database, but it's too old for any use. Note that for downloading from Space-Track you must be registered there. After registering there  type your login and password in the program and bases will be downloaded. After that you can use the program: Go in the Sky mode,  set the time and see what satellites were in any zone of the sky at this time. Use Up and Down keys on keyboard to quickly add or deduct 5 seconds of time. You can use filters for displaying sats. If there will be any questions, write it there. BTW, when posting a reply, use the same theme with "Re: " before it, to post reply in the same topic. Or just copy-past it in theme: Re: Sending the data of a unknown satellite
Just for comfortable use of Seesat.

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