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Byron --

I tried that . . . see for  yourself.  The ISS is visible from (for example)
Los Angeles on Monday  and Tuesday.  The Dragon is only about a minute
behind the ISS on  Tuesday, yet no sighting info is provided for L.A.  

-- joe  

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Try  this:

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It appears that the Dragon will trail the ISS by  about 20  minutes on
Monday evening and only about a minute on Tuesday   evening.  I am confused
however by the NASA sighting info.   They  provide Dragon sighting info for
northern cities (NY, Seattle,  Portland) but not  for southern cities 
Houston, Los  Angeles).  Clearly, the ISS will  pass over all of these 
cities  on
Monday and Tuesday, but the sighting data only  lists sighting  details for
the ISS but not for the Dragon for the southern   cities.

Anybody have any idea why this is so?

-- joe  rao

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