Re: "Camera flash" flares?

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Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 20:07:16 -0700
"panels, but it is real quick and catches your eye almost as if someone is 
taking a picture from up high and the camera flash is going off."

I've seen a few myself over the years, they are just like a camera flash, 
once, then gone, bright blue-white, but not very large, just as one would 
expect from a flashbulb at a distance.

Maybe meteorites coming straight at the observer?

Along such line, many many, years ago, twenty perhaps, I was parked in a 
turn-out behind Mount Wilson in Southern California, just North of Los 
Angeles, listening to the radio with a friend.  We were suddenly startled by 
a brilliant orange-white flash that light up the range like daylight and we 
could see many peaks along the range to the West, a good twenty miles or so. 
We were temporarily blinded with an image of the mountains burned into our 
eyes for ten to fifteen seconds.


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