Confirmed Satellite with flash

From: José Luis Ruiz via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 00:52:13 +0200
Well, I leave the data as best I could pick them up.
I have not found anything in the picture most likely was because I was tracking
the object classified as C in Heavens Above. By the way, if he had chosen that
satellite, was because in principle with a magnitude of 0.9 was easy to
follow, and also passed right by the star Denebola. The case, which has
gone through Denebola a delay of approximately 34 seconds (+/- 2 sec). It
had pass to the 21:29:42 but it passed to the 21:30:16.
After that first picture, then I tried to take a more difficult by not
having a reference star. That other photography began at 21:30:54 (UTC + 2),
and between that second photograph and the following, taken at 21:31:52
(UTC+2) was when I saw that possible satellite.
I saw a flah and I thought it was a plane with its lights flashing position but
then I noticed that the light was blinking blue and with a magnitude of between
-2 and -3. I counted 3 flashes such a duration each about 0.5 seconds,
which struck
me as being relatively slow (seemed like rotase itself).About 3 or 4 seconds
later two more flashes a magnitude between 0 and -1, too slowly.
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The approximate position with an error of about 10 ° to the south, was on
the stars Tania Borealis And Tania Australis. Report after the blinks, the
subject continued with a magnitude of between +1 And +1.5 in the same
direction as the satellite Object C, but in reverse. Between 45 seconds and a
minute later he started losing shine clearly.

My place is 36.8391ºN, 2.4498ºW. Almería, Spain.

I hope that these data can be used for something. Thanks you.
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