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> Subject: "Camera flash" flares?
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> I'm wondering if anyone has been observing what appears to look like  
> "camera flashes" in the sky that looks to be the sun's reflection  
> off of a satellite body or solar panels, but it is real quick and  
> catches your eye almost as if someone is taking a picture from up  
> high and the camera flash is going off.
> I've been seeing this phenomena off and on over the past several  
> months but tonight I've seen at least 2 instances, the most recent  
> from my location (Knoxville Tennessee) near the star Denebola, going  
> west to east. At 10:30 Eastern time is when I observed it.

I've seen very quick irregular flashes from non-operational (tumbling)  
Iridium satellites, easiest to catch if
you lie in wait with binoculars. (No idea how many of these are still  
in orbit by now). Most passes would
give a couple of bright, attention-getting flashes, but often not  
enough to make out the tack with the unaided eye
without already knowing the direction of movement.

Bill Keel

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