My first set of image sequences of identified SATs

From: Gonzalo Blasco via Seesat-l <>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2020 04:22:54 -0500

Finally I made an arrangement to setup a camera for take some Satellite
trails,  and  made some tests for precise EXIF time in the photos, and i
made some bursts in lossless image format of several passing sats. I made
some long exposure photos, to take some flares...

I have had experience with astrometry with software for astronomy but it
was much time ago... was a PowerPC 233mhz MAC, try to imagine.... Now I do
some measures with Aladin after astrocalibration of the photos, but I am
sure there are very good specific software for doing what I need. I have
Sequence of TIFFs compressed in LZW with some trails, and some flares....
and I now the start and the finish time of the exposure is within 0.2
seconds max of  error / uncertainty . Being conservative I would say

Then I have to learn "friendly" IOD.... I coded in Fortran77 I think will
be no problem, with some patience...

And I have to learn which satellites are important to track and which


My question is for help prioritizing. More of the objects I made photos
today are easy and bright ones, so perhaps this data is not very valuable,
and is only for learning and improve in a future.... But here it is a
least, and if some of you suggest me the order of priority because some
objects are important is fine, or if itheir measurement doesnt matter...
let me now.

These are the Satellites at the photos....

   - COSMOS 2487 - 39194
   - Haiyang1B LM Rocket 2007-010-B CZ-2C R/B (31114, 2007-010B)
   - COSMOS 2322 (1995-058A or NORAD 23704)

   - VERY BRIGHT FLARE!!! ( I think should be brighter than MAG -1)
   of METEOR 1-12 (1972-049A or NORAD 6079)
   - Bright flare from METOP-A NORAD 29499 - 2006-044A
   - Faint flare or very short trail? - DIAMANT B-P4 R/B  1975-010B NORAD
   7647 (Starlette Rocket)
   - Faint trail of FENGYUN 3C (2013-052A or NORAD 39260) (not precise time
   data - a long exp. photo)

Also I have a negative of a predicted flare that didn't occur. i don't know
if this is good to report too.... But was a theoretical -1MAG flare of a
METOP satellite.
Observations were made at 20.75439N -103.37516W alt 1562meters from
20200430 - 02UTC to 04UTC

All are available in TIFF LZW

  Still looking NOUR 01 in the images, It should passed in the frame, but
at less than 10 degrees from the moon, so the S/N ratio are really poor , I
think the R/B is too faint for my camera, or simply the calculations are

Thanks for the help
Gonzalo Blasco Gil
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