Cosmos 2264 observation!

Douglas Biggerstaff (
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 23:30:03 -40975532 (EDT)

Greetings all,

I took advantage of the unseasonably transparent skies here in southern
Ontario this evening and observed Cosmos 2264 (#22808) on a 24 degree pass
at 9:49pm EDT, July 31 (01:49 UT, Aug. 1).  The sun was at -11 degrees
elevation and this pass took the sat. between myself and the sun.

Cosmos 2264
1 22808U 93060  A 95209.23955141  .00368555  72080-5  18041-3 0  3303
2 22808  64.9758 237.6819 0047837 244.7207 114.8996 16.17752989108240

I didn't notice the usual speed that I've seen before in low altitude
objects, I assume that's because it was a low elevation pass?

I acquired it with 10x50s then removed the glasses and briefly saw it naked
eye just before maximum elevation, then went back again to the binoculars.

It was about 2.5 to 3 minutes earlier than the prediction, and I would say
that it got about a half magnitude brighter than Quicksat predicted (+3.5),
but was certainly not brilliant, as Bjorn Gimble mentioned earlier today (July
31), due to the unfavourable phase angle (Quicksat indicated 144).

I did however notice that there seemed to be two _lobes_, or two points of
reflection to the object, oriented side-by-side, parallel to the horizon.
It was also quite orange, but I'm sure that was related to the low
elevation of the pass.

Clear Skies! 
Douglas Biggerstaff, Toronto