Re: 22808 elset

Bjorn Gimle (
03 Aug 1995 18:57:28 GMT

Thanks for your elset message !
I'd prefer if you'd mail me to this address ('online').
Access to the old server is shaky, though mail has worked 
for about two weeks, I sometimes can't dial in, and for
many days in a row (like today) I got no TelNet access,
so I couldn't get elsets myself !

I don't seem to understand your reference to 'schedule'.
Do you mean my comment that ndot2 is starting to accelerate?
Or that the satellite does not follow elset predictions?
I observed it at about 214.87, with elset 213.52, and it was 
only 3.5 seconds late.
With your new elset, it was one second early.

Or is it the magnitude schedule ? It is really disappointing 
in the North ! But #23336 was +1 in the South.

Best regards,

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