Re: Speed of predictions

Bjorn Gimle (
04 Aug 1995 13:36:04 GMT

>>>>   ....A graphic program, like SkyMap 5.9 by Rob
>>>>   Matson, saves a lot of time and effort, and increases accuracy.
Jay Respler replied,

>>Here I would respectfully disagree (sorry Bjorn)  :)
>>I feel QS is faster and easier than other programs.  
>>I use it and Highfly exclusively for tracking.  
>>Of course, others may do things differently >>than I do.

I also respect other's opinions, especially in the light of your
last line. What I should have clarified here is :

If you have a math co-processor, SkyMap is only marginally slower
than QuickSat.

And if you do not have a telescope/binocular/camera mount with 
setting circles, and need to plot the predictions on a star chart,
QuickSat + manual plotting should be slower and less accurate.

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