Re: Grbs.dat and SkyMap 5.9 availability

Bjorn Gimle (
04 Aug 1995 13:26:20 GMT

Douglas Biggerstaff asked me ...
>>Is this grbs.dat file you mention available from the OIG BBS/telnet site?
>>If so, in which file area, and how large is it?

This has been discussed around July 20 - the negative summary of this
is that the file is published almost daily for about a week or two,
under different names (even simultaneously), then missing for several
weeks ! I think it was in fls1 (area 2), the copy I have is from July 12. 
It is 1.25 MB.

>>Oh, and do you know from where SkyMap 5.9 is available (FTP)?

This has also been discussed before. Someone put an older version 
on an FTP site. I don't know any site where it is posted.

I have several times offered to put it at one, if I get a message
giving me an address where I will have write access, but not
received an answer. 

I sent copies of grps.dat and SkyMap 5.9 to Bart de Pontieu, so
he might put them on seesat-l archive ??

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