Mon, 07 Aug 95 22:06:59 -0800

(Sorry if my subject lines are not descriptive.  My Internet provider
allows only so many characters for both address and subject line
together.  The Seesat address is so long it only leaves me with
a few characters for the subject line...)

>>Does the TLE have an error in it, and thus the natural log of a
>>negative number, or.... ?

>No, there does not seem to be anything wrong with this elset.

>Normally a problem like this is caused by a bad size, rcs, or magnitude
>in the quicksat.mag file.


You were right.  My .mag file had an "n", "s," and "o" line for the
satellite.  I had left the "s" line blank -- just the "s" alone --
thinking that it wasn't necessary to provide size data because the
Molczan TLE provides the size data.  I added the size numbers after
the "s" and the error message disappeared.

>Do you have version 2.10D?

I'm using version 2.4 (dated July 25, 1992).  Should I be using 2.10D

>I can send you version 2.10D as a uuencoded zip file or you can
>get it from the seesat archive.

If you think I should be using 2.10D, I'd be grateful for the uuencode
e-mail.  I can't access the archive due to the address-line-length
problem noted above...

Thank you for your help!


Jim Varney, P.E.                                           Sacramento, CA
Civil Engineer                                      jim.varney@24stex.com