Re: 23585, and Lutz Schindler....

Bjorn Gimle (
08 Aug 1995 08:33:35 GMT

I forgot to add in "22808 and 23585 decay" :
#23585 probably decayed during Monday/Tuesday night, US times

#22808 may also have been visible on the last orbits over USA
or Canada, Sunday/Monday night.

Any observations, negative attempts, and newspaper / TV notes
on possible sightings are, as usual, most wanted !

And , in my reply to Lutz Schindler, the above statement, 
and the following, should be added before my last sentence :

Please report your observations ! When errors are 
building up, you can help other observers find 
the object, and estimate the decay time. 
And I need observations around the time of the 
final NASA elset, and later, to determine which 
of my models give the best prediction accuracy 
for the final passes, and the decay time. 
NASA gives decays only to the nearest day. 
I want to determine by hour, or even minute, 
to verify models, and possible sightings.

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