Thu, 17 Aug 95 03:52:00 UTC

>Overall, I'm very surprised by the performance of this tiny little program.
>I would welcome any pointers, or comments, from experienced QuickSat users.
>John Alsobrook
Welcome to the list, John.
Performance and ability to set the output just the way you want it are
reasons I praise Quicksat so highly.  Make predictions using the various
output styles to see which you like.  Personally, I prefer the 1 line
output in this format:
 H  M  S Tim Azi ElC Dir  Mag Dys F  Hgt Shd  Rng  R A  Dec RCS  Name
I find it much easier to search through 100's of predictions this way.
If you have any specific questions, ask away.
Freehold, New Jersey