Absence of seesat-maintainer

Thu, 17 Aug 1995 11:09:37 +0100 (CET)

Hi everyone,
My first words typed on a computer in 3 weeks, since I've been seriously
ill and in the hospital for the last three weeks. I have now left the
hospital and will be going back to my home-country (Belgium) to recuperate
for at least another two weeks. I hope (more I cannot do) that I will be
in perfect shape again some time in September.

Unfortunately, my absence means I am internet-less for the near future,
so I won't be able to answer questions, messages, or correct mistakes that
occur in the process of subscribing and unsubbing.
I will also be unable to put anything new on the archive. Neil's offer for
an anonymous ftp-site should help alleviate that problem for now.

My apologies to all of you who have sent me messages and haven't received
replies for weeks now. It is not liable to change, as explained in the

Rainer and colleagues from ABBS : please ask another subscriber of seesat
to post your messages. The ones you send directly are not handled well and
I will personally be unable to forward them, currently.

Flash period observers : please send contributions to Flash *and*
observations for the time being to Tristan Cools (tcools@nic.INbe.net).
Tristan has temporarily taken over those responsibilities.

   Bart De Pontieu (seesat-l maintainer)