Error alarm with STSPlus

Jeffrey C. Hunt (
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 10:38:36 -0400 (EDT)

Michael Boschat recently wrote that he was having problems reading some 
TLE files for STSPlus from NASA's Spacelink.
Since there may be other new users of STSPlus listening I
will post this response on SeeSat-L instead of e-mailing to
you directly.  There are only two short comings that STSPlus
has that I am aware of:
It can only accurately predict LEO satellites and it can not
read all Internet TLE files.  STSPlus requires that the end
of each TLE line have a hard return (^Z).  Some TLE files
found on Internet sites have lost this formating in moving
from one platform to another.  If you use a text editor this
problem can sometimes be easily seen (and corrected if there are not too 
many lines) as the lines are not in proper order.  This problem is mentioned 
statement "some where" in the STSPLUS.DOC for version 9517,
but I can not find it right now.
I have not had problems with STSPlus using the following
telnet:// and some of the mirrored files
located at or
satelem and the mirrored site .
I hope this helps.  Regards, Jeff Hunt