Re: Error alarm with STSPlus

Ben J. Huset (
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 12:00:31 -0500

>Michael Boschat recently wrote that he was having problems reading some 
>TLE files for STSPlus from NASA's Spacelink.
>Since there may be other new users of STSPlus listening I
>will post this response on SeeSat-L instead of e-mailing to
>you directly.  There are only two short comings that STSPlus
>has that I am aware of:

>It can only accurately predict LEO satellites and it can not
>read all Internet TLE files.  STSPlus requires that the end
>of each TLE line have a hard return (^Z).  Some TLE files
>found on Internet sites have lost this formating in moving
>from one platform to another.  If you use a text editor this
>problem can sometimes be easily seen (and corrected if there are not too 
>many lines) as the lines are not in proper order.  This problem is mentioned 
>statement "some where" in the STSPLUS.DOC for version 9517,
>but I can not find it right now.

When I get elements via the NET I often lose the (CR) ^M 
(It seems that APPLE and UNIX OS doesn't need them but DOS does.)
I usually get them from

I easily fix the entire file by loading the file into MS DOS Edit program
and then RE-SAVE it. Edit automatically adds back in the CRs after the LFs.  

  c:> EDIT

The whole process takes less than a minute.

You can easily Check the file with the DOS 'TYPE' command. 

If the file scrolls up the screen and the each line start with sat name or a
1 or a 2 then no processing is needed. 

If however it writes over itself on the bottem line or the 1 and 2s are in
the middle of the screen then your gotta 'Edit' it.

>I have not had problems with STSPlus using the following
>telnet:// and some of the mirrored files
>located at
> or
>satelem and the mirrored site .
>I hope this helps.  Regards, Jeff Hunt
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