Re: Error alarm with STSPlus Got it !!

Ben J. Huset (
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 14:50:34 -0500

> I got the new.tle and then on our Unix typed unix2dos then brought it 
>in via ASCII then on my PC did the edit, save, and exit, it worked and I 
>got no error message.
> I do note the following;
>1. even with the change there is NO ^M, ^Z at all.
 ^M and ^Z don't appear on the screen, (usually) this is a notation
that designates the Carrige Return and IBM end of file characters.
As these are 'non-printing' characters and to make them visible in messages
we type 'carat' ^ and then the letter.  IF you look at the file with a HEX
editor you will see that they ARE there, maybe displayed as 0A  and 0D.
you may compare the before and after files.

>2. I note that the elements from Spacelink on MIR are very
>   different than on the new tle. So do I edit MIR's elements in the new
>   tle with Spacelinks one ?
Which one is NEWER?? use that one.  look at the epoch date field in 'line 1'
  TODAY is 95228.xxxxxxxx   (YearDay.fraction of day)
>Thanks for the help...again..
> Mike
>PS:  If I can get this STS working I will register for it...
Hope this helps.
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