Re: Re: Re: Best Film/Shutter/f-stop combination for satellite photography?

Bjorn Gimle (
18 Aug 1995 08:25:28 GMT

Greg Mortensen ( asked:

> Quick question:  What's the best film speed/shutter speed/and f-stop
> .....Unfortunately, I live in an area that can only be described as
> "light-polluted", so these shots generally come out with a bluish sky,
> rather than a black background.

One more suggestion: if you need a normal/wide field lens and "long"
exposure to capture a slow flasher, you could reduce exposure times
by holding a black cloth, or lens cap, in front of the camera
(not touching it) while the satellite is dim.

You may even want to do this on a steady satellite, to get an entry
track in one edge or corner of the picture, and an exit track near
the opposite edge.,Internet

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