More accurate observations...

Leo Wikholm (
Sat, 19 Aug 95 12:55:00 +0200

     Here I will give more accurate coordinates for my
     unknown satellite observations in France. I have tried to
     track satellites with SkyMap but nothing found.

     Observing site: Observatoire Geospace d'Aniane
                     Aniane, France +43d 41' 01" N
                                    +03d 36' 11" E

     Observations on July 21, 1995:

     A bright flasher which moved to the East at 22.05 UTC.
     The satellite was at magnitude +1 and the period was about 1s.
     Path: RA 14h55m, Decl +30 ---> RA 14h40m, Decl +35

     A bright, steady object at magnitude +1.5. It moved to the
     West near the constellation of Lyra. The observation time was
     22.10 UTC.
     Path: RA 19h05m, Decl +31 ---> RA 19h40m, Decl +32

     Leo Wikholm

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