TLE file maintenance
Wed, 23 Aug 95 10:26:18 EDT

I routinely download 4 TLE files, NEW_MOLC.TLE, TLENEW.TLE, VISUAL.TLE,
and OTHER.TLE.  I use UNIX2DOS to convert each of the 4 files, then
PASSUPDT.EXE to update 8 separate TLE files which I then use for pass

For example, for VISUAL.TLE, I maintain a VIS-NO.TLE file, which has
all of the satellites which I have never seen, and a VIS-YES.TLE file,
which has the satellites that I have observed in the past.

I use multiple control files in QuickSat.  When I specify NO.CTL
at the prompt, QuickSat does pass predictions using all 4 of the
"NO" TLE files, resulting in one time-sorted observing list of
satellites which I have not yet observed.

This works, but it is time consuming to maintain.  After an observing
session, I have to use a text editor to cut a satellite from a "NO"
TLE file and paste it into the corresponding "YES" TLE file.

Does anyone know of any TLE maintenance software that would make this
task easier?  Or, maybe there's some entirely different way of doing
all of this that would be simplier and faster.  I'd appreciate any tips
anyone has to offer.

John Alsobrook