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David W. Bishop (
Wed, 23 Aug 95 15:30:22 EDT

> On  Wednesday, August 23, 1995,  John Alsobrook  wrote:
> >I routinely download 4 TLE files, NEW_MOLC.TLE, TLENEW.TLE, VISUAL.TLE,
> >and OTHER.TLE.  I use UNIX2DOS to convert each of the 4 files, then
> >PASSUPDT.EXE to update 8 separate TLE files which I then use for pass
> >predictions.
> I can help you with part of the problem. I also routinely download those TLE 
> files and I use my own program TLEMOP to process them. With TLEMOP I 
> maintain a "master" TLE file that I first update with the new TLE files. I 
> can then "freshen" elements in my "visual" TLE file using the updated 
>  "master" TLE file.

I download these files too.  As well as the shuttle element e-mail list
and as much as I can find.  I have a master elements list I call "SAT.ELS"
which has Molczan's elements, Dr. Kelso elements (visual ones) and any others
I happen to get from this list.

Sounds like lots of us have the same problem.

> One feature I very recently added is the ability to search any old text file 
> for elements. I use this mode to extract the elements out of the 
> NEW_MOLC.TLE file, processed every "SEESAT-L E-mail message I ever received 
> to extract elements and got elements out of the RAID3.DAT (or was it 
> RAID4.DAT) files !!!

I have a program, written in FORTRAN (yah, I know...) which reads
files and looks for elements.  It first reads SAT.ELS in, then it reads
the new file.  When it hits some satellite elements (they can be anywhere
in the file as long as the second line begins with a "1" the the thrid
line with a "2") it reads out the date.  It then looks up that satellite
in its memory, and updates its elements if the date is newer.

It automatically tosses out elements over six months old, I also had it
reading the flash data that used to be in Molczan's elements.

My dream program would be:

1)  Read original Elements list in (SAT.ELS)
2)  Read QUICKSAT.MAG in
3)  Read new file name (passed as argument)
4)  If it is reading in a "SPACEWARN bulletin" automatically remove any
    satellite which have reentered.
5)  If it is reading a flash report, update the flash periods in QUICKSAT.MAG
6)  If reading a new QUICKSAT.MAG, fill in the empty spots
7)  If reading any other file, scan for new elements, and put them
    into SAT.ELS with a date stamp at the end of the NAME field
8)  Create a SATOLD.ELS and a QUICKSAT.OLD files (origianls)
9)  Write out a new SAT.ELS and QUICKSAT.MAG

Anybody up to the task?

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