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Thu, 24 Aug 95 01:31:00 UTC

Interball 23632
>Was anyone on the East Coast of the U.S.A. able to view
>Interball (Prognoz-M2) 23632 last night?
I stayed home from  a special Township Historic Commission meeting just to
look for them (the first meeting I missed in a couple of years) but did not
see them.  I did see something that was in the right spot at the right time,
going in the right direction, but it was going faster than expected, so it
must have been a UFO.  Also saw a couple of other sats, and a plane roared
right through the center of my telescope eyepiece.  But no Interball.
>  Here in Maryland the sky was back to
>its normal hazy, high humidity conditions, so viewing was
>not great.
Same conditions here.
>I had hope to confirm the accuracy of my program for highly
>elliptical orbits.
Which program are you using, Jeff?
Freehold, New Jersey