Re: TLE file maintenance

Bjorn Gimle (
24 Aug 1995 11:58:21 GMT

John Alsobrook asked about this, and I have seen replies from 
David Bishop and Kulbinder Kalirai.

I agree with the principles (updating a single master file) and
dreams expressed (a reference .mag file updated from Internet data,
controlling the predictions), and I use similar techniques, and
useful features of QuickSat, that I think apply to John's needs:

Instead of cutting and pasting data between TLE files, I change
single characters in col.7 of my quicksat.mag.
On line 15, col.2+4+6+10, I enter the characters corresponding
to categories of objects I wish to predict. ( I use only one .ctl
file per site coordinates -NOT quicksat.ctl-, and run quicksat by 
clicking on one of them in Norton Commander or File Manager, having 
associated .ctl with a batch file with   ' echo %1 | quicks87.exe ')

You may simply want to mark observed objects with the letter 'O',
and the objects you wish to see with 'N', then put 'N  ' in 
col.2-4 of line 15 in your .ctl file(s)

If you wish to keep Mike McCants' flag characters, you could 
theoretically combine the 10 alternatives that appear in his 
quicksat.mag of 950626, with 25 of your own classes, since all
ASCII characters from ALT-1 to ALT-254 ( except ALT-9, ALT-10,
ALT-13, ALT-26, space, d and h ) appear to be freely useable.

However, you are up against some restrictions :
You can only select 1-5 characters ("classes") on line 15 !
The classes you select, may not consist of more than 2000 objects,
even if your elset file is smaller than 2000 objects, or contains
less than 2000 objects of the desired classes. I have written a
simple pre-processor to extract a subset of .mag- and .tle-files,
to satisfy this in QuickSat (and for other programs)

You should think twice before inventing many classes, or classes
with many objects ! I recommend moving Mike's classes to the
comment field, and using only your own classes in col.7.

When I find time to enhance and document my maintenance programs
for general use, I will post them.

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