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Stephen Bolton (
Thu, 24 Aug 1995 20:00:44 -0300

 My name is Steve Bolton. I'm a physician in Saint John, New Brunswick,
Canada   (lat 45.5 N  Long -66 )  New to satellite observing until I
downloaded STSPLUS  a few months ago. Have sucessfully predicted and
observed many brighter  satellites, eg. Mir the Noaas, a few Cosmos and the
Shuttle/Mir complex.     

 I am interested in observing satellite decays and photographing satellite
tracks against starfields. Therefor am just in process of getting Tracksat
running on my computer. It would be nice to photograph Mir telescopically
against the moon. I have been an ameteur astronomer for years.

 Look forward to lots of fun in this rather esoteric persuit.