Massive influx of fireball reports

Walter Nissen (dk058@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Fri, 25 Aug 1995 08:46:40 -0400

Since 950825 0725, I have been monitoring an incessant flow of fireball 
reports on WJR 760 Detroit, KDKA 1020 Pittsburgh, CKLW 800 Windsor, etc. 
A constant stream of callers to Bryan Steibel (sp?) on WJR and Bob Loeb 
(sp?) on KDKA report many sightings and what they heard on other talk 
stations.  It is difficult to extract much scientific data from them, but 
it was big, bright and visible over a wide area.  Most credible report of 
time is 950825 0438 (reported as 12:38 am local).  A fire was reported in 
the south end of Windsor, apparently, as near as I can tell, from part of 
it hitting a storage area in a trailer park.  Cleveland Coast Guard 
station has reportedly received reports form Saginaw Bay to the St. 
Lawrence River.  Reports from MI, OH, ON, western PA, western NY.  A 
family room in Erie was lit up (illuminated) and multiple sonic booms were 
heard there, according to reports.  Various reports have it as white, 
blue, green, reddish, orangish, aqua-type blue, traffic signal green or a 
little bluer; big, huge, bright, sparkled, like a roman candle; directions 
all over the compass; many reports of a tail or trail.  It is the lead 
story on news broadcasts on these stations.  My Mom reports that Erie TV 
is reporting that the Millcreek Township (Erie Co, PA) police dispatcher 
received 100 calls right after the event; she is in Millcreek Twp., but 
like me, slept thru it.  I didn't hear or see this, am only reporting what 
I've monitored. 
Bjoern, I suppose this was a meteor, but as you are our "resident" expert 
on reentries, any likely candidates? 
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