Re: Massive influx of fireball reports

Bjorn Gimle (
25 Aug 1995 22:44:04 GMT

Walter Nissen reports:
>> fireball reports on WJR 760 Detroit, KDKA 1020 Pittsburgh, 
>> CKLW 800 Windsor, etc. ..... wide area.  Most credible report of 
>> time is 950825 0438 (reported as 12:38 am local).  A fire was 
>> reported in the south end of Windsor, ...  Cleveland Coast Guard 
>> station has reportedly received reports form Saginaw Bay to the St. 
>> Lawrence River.  Reports from MI, OH, ON, western PA, western NY.  A 
>> family room in Erie was lit up (illuminated) and multiple sonic booms.... 
>> Erie TV is reporting that the Millcreek Township (Erie Co, PA) 
>> police dispatcher received 100 calls right after the event; ...

Very interesting, I can't find all the names on my US map, but it
generally looks like a 46 degree Russian transfer stage orbit.
There are lots of low-perigee orbits of that kind, but the 
only one I know was close to decay is #23015, which was 
still in orbit at 1045 UT, according to OIG elsets.
#23644 was in orbit after 07:00, and would not 
pass above the area until after 08:00 UT
#23550 may have decayed at the time, but was moving in a 
retrograde orbit from South America towards Japan.

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