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Bjorn Gimle (
Mon, 28 Aug 95 08:50:40 +0100

To all my mail-writing friends on seesat-l, and general Internet !

My 'lector.kth' account should close on Aug.31, so please erase it
from your biological, paper-based and electronic memories, and 
avoid replying to lector, should I happen to send more from that
server! None of my three servers have been 100% reliable, so
if mails to 'online' bounces, or you miss an expected reply, you can
try 'duesenberg'.

Tristan: In anticipation of this closure, I unsubscribed, which worked
for a while, then mails started to appear again ! This also happened
once on duesenberg, but is OK now? In Bart's interest (?), please
make sure my next unsubscribe works ! I sent unsubscribe from
lector, and the confirmation arrived here, but had 'online' in the text!
Indeed, I got a gap in mail on online, and had to subscribe again !
>>       32728
You have been removed from the list.
If this wasn't your intention or you are having problems getting yourself
unsubscribed, reply to this message now (quoting it entirely (for diagnostic
purposes), and of course adding any comments you see fit).
You can subscribe again at any point by sending a message with as subject
'subscribe' to "".
Transcript of unsubscription request follows:
>From  Mon Aug 14 08:29:48 1995
>Received: from by via
SMTP (931110.SGI/911001.SGI)
>for exec /usr/people/bdp/satlist/.bin/flist seesat-l-request id
AA08302; Mon, 14 Aug 95 08:29:48 +0200
>Received: from by (5.65+bind 1.8+ida

>id AA10048; Mon, 14 Aug 95 08:29:45 +0200
>Date: Mon, 14 Aug 95 08:31:55 +0100
>From: (Bjorn Gimle)
>Organization: KTH, Sweden
>Subject: unsubscribe
>To: seesat-l-request
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My account on 'lector' will be closed after Aug.31 1995 !

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