NASA's OIG (Orbit Information Group?)

Jeffrey C. Hunt (
Wed, 30 Aug 1995 15:05:01 -0400 (EDT)

I sent the following message to OIG's Sysop not too long ago 
and I thought I might post it to SeeSat-L for those who haven't 
had much experience or luck with downloading files from 
NASA's OIG and were too proud to ask for help.  
OIG (telnet://, login oig; 
password; goddard1 .  
For what's it's worth, they said they would consider it 
when they upgrade the users manual (coming soon).  
They said a lot of people have problems with the ftp 
procedure. I guess I was not presistent enough in asking for 
help.  Jeff Hunt <>
I would like to request that you consider rewording the on-
screen and manual download instructions as outlined below.
I subscribed to your services over a year ago and I finally
gave up trying to ftp files from OIG to my access provider
and just screen captured the smaller files that are
provided.  I was never able to get help from OIG as to what
my specific problems were in understanding the terms
regarding address, password and logon.
I recently tried again to use the ftp process and finally
realized that I had to use the address of MY access provider
(not my e-mail address), the logon name assigned by MY
access provider (not the logon name used on OIG) and the
password to gain access to MY files (not the password used
on OIG).  Of course it's obvious to me now that was the
information needed to "send" a file from OIG to my access
provider, but the FTP process was all new to me when I first
used OIG on the Internet.  It might even be helpful to
others if you explain that the user is doing an ftp
procedure from OIG to his access provider.  I can't believe
I'm the only one who has had problems with your
instructions.  Thanks for your consideration, Jeff Hunt
-------------------from OIG telnet menu -----------------------

        Options to DOWNLOAD THE FILES.

1       Download  file via INTERNET.
2       Download  file via MODEM.
0       Return to main MENU.

 Please enter your selection and press enter.

>      At the FTP prompt type open and your internet access
>      providers address.
>      Login with login name and password provided by your
>      access provider.
>      Type send and the file name you want to down load.

		> denotes requested change