Re: Lunar satellite transit

Bruno Tilgner (Bruno_Tilgner@CompuServe.COM)
Fri, 1 Aug 1997 13:05:30 -0400

On 01.08.97 Eric Vondra wrote:

>This was a first for me: =

>(31 July 97, 0830 UT, 41N/80W) While observing the crescent Moon's Earth=
>portion in my 4.5-inch reflector at 100x, I observed a satellite of abou=
t 8th
>magnitude zip across it.....

Congratulations on observing a very rare event! You are the second person=

having reported to SEESAT a *verifiable* lunar satellite transit since
February 1996.

You were indeed lucky the Moon was still so low above the horizon (5.3
degrees). The satellite was far away (about 3 100 km) and it took nearly
4 seconds to cross the lunar disk. Had the Moon been higher up, chances
are you wouldn't have noticed the transit.

You must have seen it crossing the Moon nearly parallel to the horizon,
from east to north. If you give me your coordinates with more precision
I could tell you which features of the Moon the satellite crossed. Please=

try not to forget any details.

Your time is slightly in error. It was more like 08:31:16. =

Since a more detailed discussion of this observation may not be of intere=
to SEESAT, I'll write to you directly.

Bruno Tilgner
Paris, France