Layouts on hypermail archive intact in html "source"

Ed Cannon (
Fri, 01 Aug 1997 13:52:43 -0400

Okay, I discovered how to get the message layouts from the hypermail
archive files.  With Netscape I randomly loaded:

and found that when I viewed the *source*, the layout was intact; 
the same was true when I saved the file "as is".  It has some html 
codes in it, but they're easy to remove globally.  So it's only when 
displayed in my Netscape that the layout is lost.  Is that true of
other Web browsers?

Last night was a one-object evening -- only a near-zenith Mir pass
was visible, and only for part of the pass, due to clouds.

Ed Cannon
Austin, Texas, USA
30.3086N, 97.7279W, 165m