Williams, Josh (
Sat, 02 Aug 1997 02:24:27 -0400

    Just a quick message to anyone who uses or is thinking about using
STSPlus... Dave Ransom released a bug fix version of his program, he
states, "31 JUL QUICK FIX (again!): Pressing ALT-F1 from the STSPLUS
Main Menu caused the selection menu for displaying satellite orbital
data to overwrite the Main Menu. Missing "clear screen" statement, darn
it! File STSAUX.EXE has been repaired and is available separately. Files
SOP9731A.ZIP and SOP9731U.ZIP have been updated with the repaired file
dated 31 JUL 97. My apologies for this comedy of errors. Such a simple
bug ..."

It didn't seem anyone noticed this upgrade as it just took place, so I
thought I would pass along the information:

The files are available at:

as well as other links to Dave's page and other locations to download
his software! Good Luck,

Josh R. Williams
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