Re: What is Cosmos 1953?

Phillip Clark (
Sat, 2 Aug 1997 18:00:22 +0100 (BST)

Cosmos 1953 is a Tselina-D ELINT satellite, mass around two metric tonnes 
based upon the launch capability of the three-stage Tsyklon used to put 
the satellite into orbit.   Tselina-D was a long-running programme going 
back to Cosmos 389 in 1970: launches were initially using the Vostok 
8A92M vehicle but swiytched to the three-stage Tsyklon in the 1980s.

As for the configuration .... anyone's guess since as far as I am aware 
the Russians have never published any hint as to what the Tselina family 
of ELINT payloads might look like.

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