RE: an unusual observation (part II)

Jeff Hunt (
Sat, 2 Aug 97 22:31:43

An interesting sat to observe.  In my observations it has been only nearly 
naked eye visible, but with binocs proves to be very interesting to watch 
(much like a strobe light,twinkle-twinkle little sat.  Actually, a fairly 
large sat.  You can find a picture of it and additional info on laser 
ranging at:

Evidently Australia makes good use of it as I'm sure other countries do 

Here's another URL, but it doesn't seem to respond from here:

If you perform a search on the Oxford SeeSat-L archives you can find some 
previous observation plus the current.html page which has a reference to it 
on VSOHP using "EGP":

Okay, who's next....

Jeff Hunt <>