Re: Decay of Cosmos 2342 SL-6 r (#24801 = 97- 22 B)

Bjoern Gimle (
Mon, 4 Aug 1997 06:59:31 +0200

>This rocket is heading for decay on August 8, according to my current
>There are visible transits for many northern latitudes in the coming few
>days when it should be an easy naked eye object - Russell Eberst saw it
>steady at mag 3.3 yesterday morning. 

Don't be surprised to find it brighter. I first saw it on July 31,
using week-old molczan elsets and discovered it as an "unknown" five
minutes ahead of time at mag.+3 in the west. Rising high in the SE,
it brightened slowly to +0 high in the E.

I also had a favourable pass of USA 86 #22251, easily followed for
one minute at "1-power". Magnitude about +2.5 on Jul.29 high in the E

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