97-22B and MIR complex / Aug 4

Alexander Seidel (Alexander.Seidel@t-online.de)
Tue, 5 Aug 97 00:04 MET DST

Lucky with clear skies over my location in Northern Germany, I just saw 97-22 B, 
headed for decay on probably Aug 8 due to Alan Pickup, 208 km high at elevation 
30 deg in the NNW with mag +2.8/3.0 S, right on time UT 2123,4 with the TLE 
posted by Bjoern Gimle earlier this day. Parallel to this the MIR complex showed 
up beautifully at max. elevation 56 degrees in the South (mag -1.0, going up to 
mag -1.7/-2.0 peak brightness for a few seconds, UT 2123,5).