Agapov Vladimir (avm@kiam1.rssi.ru)
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 18:54:36 +0400 (MSD)


Launch of Soyuz TM-26 is scheduled at 15:35:54 UTC today, Aug 5.
Nominal insertion EFG vector is:

Date         05 Aug 1997
Time, UTC    15:44:43.48
X, km        383.2580
Y, km       4119.9810
Z, km       5089.5270
Vx, km/s    -7.448718
Vy, km/s    -0.376708
Vz, km/s     0.865160

Preliminary calculated manoeuvres should take place at
19:11:39 UTC (dV=18.7 m/s) and at 20:01:20 UTC (dV=14.1 m/s) on Aug 5,
at 16:32:07 UTC (dV=2 m/s) on Aug 6,
at 14:57:06 UTC (dV=29.7 m/s) and at 15:42:24 UTC (dV=31.4 m/s) on Aug 7.

All these manoeuvre data are subject to change after real insertion into

Docking should take place at 17:03 UTC (not 17:23 as reported in some
messages!) +- 7 min on Aug 7.

Progress M-35 will be undocked from the station at ~11:44 UTC on Aug 6.
Landing of Soyuz TM-25 is scheduled on Aug 14. Soyuz TM-26 will be
undocked and than redocked to another port on Aug 15. And finally,
Progress M-35 will be redocked to the station on Aug 16.

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