Re[2]: OrbView-2 to Maneuver

Eric Rosenberg (
Wed, 06 Aug 97 09:01:38 est

The reason for hte two names is that OrbImage (an Orbital Sciences 
Company) owns ht ecommercial rights to teh data, while NASA has its 

OrbView-1 is also known as Microlab, the third satellite in the Orbcomm 
FM-1, FM-2 Pegasus launch in 1995.  The NORAD id is 23547


Eric Rosenberg
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Subject: Re: OrbView-2 to Maneuver
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Date:    8/6/97 3:33 AM

>Here we go again: yet another satellite with more than one name.  Orbital 
>calls it OrbView-2 while NASA calls it SeaStar.
>Jim Varney                             Sacramento, CA 

Not only that but were is Orbview 1 ?????


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