Obs. MIR cplx/Progress M-35/Soyuz TM-26

Alexander Seidel (Alexander.Seidel@t-online.de)
Wed, 6 Aug 97 23:59 MET DST

This was a nice observing session, in the case of the MIR complex followed by 
Progress M-35 one of the nicest and most impressive passes I have ever seen - 
and I saw many. Details: Soyuz TM-26 observed UT 2004,5 at max. elevation 35 deg 
in the SSE, mag +0.8 (height 259 km, range 440 km), fairly right on time and 
track with elements posted by V. Agapov, transcribed to TLE format by N. 
Clifford, just a few hours before. MIR complex: UT 2105 at northern apex, 
elevation 59 deg in the South, a brilliant mag -1.5, followed 7.5 sec later (and 
very slightly above the MIR track from my perspective) by Progress M-35, mag 
I believe this spectacular transit was seen by many people in Europe, since the 
satellite weather image (e.g. http://www.intellicast.com) showed clear skies 
over large areas, and, as far as I heard, many newspapers have spread the 
information about the visibility of the space station today.
N53.5932 E9.4683 6mASL