Re: possible decay obs of 97-38C ?

Kurt Jonckheere (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 01:05:35 +0200

hello all,
Tristan wrote :

>A friend of another mailing list was posting a possible re-entry obs of a
>unknown object.  He saw a bright moving object with tail passing close to
>Arcturus and continueing its path from West to East before exploding into a
>fireball somewhat further.
This was the same object that I saw and reported about in my previous

>There was a passage on Aug 6 of 97-38C at 20:26UTC but he saw this at
>20:20UTC.  Could this be 97-38C ?
Tristan, I have to correct this, we (Koen Geukens and I) 
saw it around 21h20 UT.
(extract from the mail on the mentioned 'other mailing list':
in Dutch  "zo rond 21.20 UT").

I guess Koen was observing about 50 km East of me.


Kurt J