Re: skymap w/ satellite track prediction

Ron Lee (
Thu, 07 Aug 1997 08:49:06

Eric, we like newbies. It allows other newbies like me the chance to 
almost appear like I know something.    But you will catch onto my
ruse soon enough.  You got eh name right...SKYMAP, by Rob Matson.  I
love it and it plots satellite paths against stars very nicely.  Try 
this web site for a copy.

Also Traksat plots against stars as does Satspy I believe.  Each program
has its own unique qualities so try a few and determine which works best
for you.

Ron "newbie" Lee

At 09:57 97/8/07 -0400, you wrote:
>Sorry for the newbie question, but hopefully someone else wanted to ask
>the same question.  Does a program exist for the PC that prints a skymap
>w/ a satellite track w/ position times?  Or better yet, a real-time
>planetarium-type program with the satellites position against the
>background sky noted.  I've been using quicksat, stsplus and skyglobe to
>help me find targets, but unless the object is quite bright I frequently
>miss them.
>BTW, the skies have been great here in Vermont (5-6 Aug).  I can easily
>see the Milky Way (it is usually too light polluted in Pittsburgh, PA to
>see it).  Some of the Perseid meteors have been well worth the wait as