Re: Few viewings of STS ahead

Dale Ireland (
Thu, 07 Aug 1997 09:57:58 -0700

The inclination is 57 degrees and there should be some good northern
hemisphere morning passes the next few days. The NASA web page restricts
the acceptable viewing parameters much too severely.
The reentry will be on the ascending portion of the orbit and while it
is in darkness it will cross central america south of Mexico city. I
will post a map of the ground track on my web page this evening
Dale Ireland
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3432P@VM1.CC.NPS.NAVY.MIL wrote:

> Bad news for most of us.  According to the NASA Shuttle Sightings page
> (
> there won't be any US or European sightings of the shuttle, despite
> the
> extremely high inclination (for a shuttle mission) of 76 degrees.
> I've
> never seen that page with so many "NO SIGHTINGS AVAILABLE" for each
> city.
> It looks like the Southern hemisphere gets the good passes, but
> go ahead and run predictions for your location anyway since NASA is
> filtering out passes below 15 degrees, which seems too high for me.
> It can be seen even around 5 degrees elevation in the right
> conditions.
> Here are the criteria that NASA uses to determine visibility...
> 1) Apparent spacecraft elevation greater than 15 degrees
> 2) Local solar elevation less than -6 degrees
> 3) Spacecraft in sunlight
> 4) Apparent spacecraft solar elongation greater than 90 degrees.
> Craig Cholar