Re: NASA viewing predictions

Ron Lee (
Fri, 08 Aug 1997 07:22:35

At 07:41 97/8/08 -0500, you wrote:

>bottom line is that if SEESAT-L subscribers are interested in
>predictions that allow them to push the limits (minimum elevation,
>viewing in daylight, etc.) they should not expect NASA to provide them,
>but rather use their own prediction programs and set their own criteria.
>Judging from the observations reported here, people are doing just that
>and it is a pleasure to see so many Shuttle observations being
>successfully made.
>Paul D. Maley

Paul is correct.   Once a year observers can probably accept these
prediction services.  But they also miss out on exciting objects
like the Spot 3 I saw for the first time last night and the decaying
objects of the last week.  There are many prediction programs on
the VSOHP site...enough to satisfy almost everyone.

I did look for the Soyuz rocket last night at 9 PM local (0300 UT
on 8 Aug).  4 degree elevation in the north (some twilight).  Observed
2 minutes before and after and saw nothing.  Visibility conditions
were good except for the twilight and the possible poor phase angle
did not help either.

In the case of this shuttle mission...great inclination but no reasonable
passes for me.  Such is life.   I thought Alan had finally scheduled a 
decaying rocket for me with 97022B but it did not work out either.  :)

Ron Lee